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Embark on an epic space odyssey through several emotions that shape our human journey, together with Luna Heartstrong and the Brave Explorers. Each book in the series immerses children in a vibrant universe where distinct feelings unfold through relatable language and imaginative examples.

With stunning illustrations and engaging storytelling, Luna's adventures into the unknowns of Deep Space empower children to fearlessly embrace and honor their feelings, rather than shy away or flee from them. The aim of the series is to familiarize young readers with the full range of emotions and experiences that humans go through, fostering emotional intelligence, resilience, and a deep sense of inner strength and bravery along the way.

Luna Heartstrong & the Brave Explorers

of Deep Space, Book One (Stress)


Luna Heartstrong & the Anti-Gravity

Menace, Book Two (Overwhelm)

Luna Heartstrong & the Whimsical Wormhole

Book Three (Anxiety)

Luna Heartstrong & the Spectacular Supernova

Book Four (Worry)

Luna Heartstrong & the Odyssey of Wonder

Book Five (Wonder)

Let us learn to love the stars we're under.

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"They talked of taking deep breaths whenever he felt afraid…

...and creating a safe and quiet space, where he could let his worries drift away…"

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Join me on a journey through Deep Space, a weekly newsletter where I explore intimate (and somewhat amusing) reflections on building meaningful connections within myself and others.

As humans, we often shy away from vulnerability and seek to avoid emotional pain. This perpetuates self-destructive patterns as we try to escape anger and grief, finding false comfort in fear, perfectionism, and control. Yet, these fleeting comforts leave us trapped in a cycle of constant struggle, drained and yearning for more.

We don’t always realize that the stories we tell ourselves have immense power over the trajectory of our lives. They create a constellation of possibilities and new beginnings. By embracing our greatest challenges and connecting through shared vulnerability, we realize we are not alone in this vast universe. Moreover, these stories teach us that confronting discomfort carries its own rewards.

If you’re feeling brave, then let Deep Space be your guide to emotional intelligence, resilience, and self-discovery. Together, we’ll explore "The Unknown" and unraveling the wonders of our inner worlds.

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